If you are looking to become an Instagram star then the first thing that you need to start with is your content. Before you start looking to attract some real Instagram followers, engage with your audience or find new ways of reaching out to your contacts, the focus which you should be looking at is content and how high quality it is. Content really is king and everything is connected to it, you can’t amass the following which you want if your content isn’t on point and people aren’t going to interact with you either, if your content is weak. Let’s take a look then, at how you can make sure that you are creating awesome content for your Instagram page.


TakingThe Shot


Before you even add a photo or an image onto your profile, think about what it is that you are trying to create, what kind of message are you sending out and what value are you offering your followers. Once you have decided upon this, it is time to start planning the photo, try to avoid spontaneity here, your posts should be well thought out to ensure quality.


Using Different Filters


Editing your photo is so important and if you want it to stand out then you need to start playing around with different effects and filters until you find one which suits your style and your image. Your post on Instagram should take some time to plan, to edit and to revise before posting and if you can get into the habit of doing this, you can begin to create a beautiful profile with plenty of quality snaps and pieces of content.


What’s Trending ?


Everyone wants to be a trendsetter and whilst there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, don’t forget about current trends that exits right now. Getting involved with current trends is a good idea because it will make you far more visible on Instagram which can bring more engagement and more followers, and it will gain trust amongst your followers that you are staying in touch with how the world moves. Make sure that you are constantly watching out for new and exciting trends and get involved with them as soon as you have seen them.


Smell What’s Sells


The key to creating great content is about learning what your followers like, and then continuing to produce content in a similar fashion. Try out a few different styles of content from video, photo to pieces with words, vary your style each time and see which gets the most engagement and why. Once you understand what it is that resonates most with your followers, you should endeavor to try and create content which follows a similar path. Those who become successful on Instagram are those who understand their audience, once you get your head around this, you can find great success too.


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