Bed Bug Bites – How to find the Critters

Bed bugs are incredibly adept at hiding, and it is often difficult to see the actual bugs themselves. It is more common to find the evidence of bed bugs rather than finding the real bug itself.

Your Bed Bug Bites are your first clue

It will almost certainly be the bites you suffer first which will send you looking for them. Use anti iche cream for recover bug bite. Look for dark points on the exterior of your sheets or the mattress as this could be a crushed bug or excrement from the bugs. There may also be spots of red on your leaves. These are your blood and the evidence of where the bugs have bitten you.

Bed bugs also have a love of wood as well as fabric. Ensure that you check the headboard, cracks in wood moldings, picture frames, closets, loose wallpaper, dressers, chairs, etc. So get your flashlight out and start scouring the corners and crevices. Don’t forget to check your under bed storage area too. Like many insect pests, they are extraordinarily resilient, and you will have to be very thorough if you want to get rid of the bed bugs.

Once you have discovered that an infestation has occurred and you have suffered a few bed bug bites, you now have an important decision to make. You want to clear your house of these pests, but how best to go about it?

Getting rid of bed bugs requires a well-regulated approach, a plan and a lot of patience and discipline.

To rid yourself of your infestation needs commitment and determination
Hiring an exterminator can be a costly exercise that may require one or more visits.

However, it can be done quickly by yourself, with a bit of planning and plenty of determination. If you’re thinking of tackling the problem yourself, Amazon has a vast array of products to use. From bed bug mattress encasements, which stop the little blighters getting into the body of your mattress, through to chemicals for killing them off. Products such as diatomaceous earth are safe and natural. This smart stuff includes tiny “diatom” remains, which are microscopically sharp and will pierce the exoskeletons of the bed bugs. Your bites will be a thing of the past!

Ways NOT to rid yourself of your bed bugs!

Whatever elimination method you choose, please DO NOT TRY the following. These methods just don’t work!: Bug bombs and aerosol pesticides will not eradicate bed bugs. While excessive hot and cold temperatures may affect the infestation. And that could prove awkward unless you happen to live in an igloo and fancy turning the heating off for a fortnight.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bug bites!


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