A couple of decades ago when air conditioners were not that prevalent; ceiling fans were primarily used for cooling rooms. With the rising popularity of air conditioners, the use of ceiling fans seems to be dying down. However, there is increased awareness of the need to conserve energy and with that, there is a gradual inclination towards ceiling fans yet again. While the majority of the population still seems to be in favor of air conditioners, there is a noticeable shift towards ceiling fans among young couples in Singapore.

Let us find out why.

Cooling down in summers

Ceiling fans, when purchased intelligently, can actually cut down your energy costs by half of what air conditioners would otherwise consume. If ceiling fans are properly cleaned and serviced frequently, they can be highly efficient at making you feel cool and comfortable during summers. In mild weather conditions, the movement of air from ceiling fans can speed up the evaporation of sweat from your skin and thus can help cool you down. When it gets too hot in the peak of summers, the fat can be positioned at a lower level so that the air blows closer to the people occupying the room. Thus, even in the peak of summers, ceiling fans can help you feel comfortable and keep high energy bills at bay.

If you must use an air conditioner, especially if you reside in humid areas, then using ceiling fans can also cut down a significant amount of energy. Studies show that if you set the temperature of the air conditioner 2 degrees higher than what you normally maintain while keeping the ceiling fan switched on, then there is at least 15% of the reduction in the use of energy.

During Winters

During the winter season, using ceiling fans along with heaters can save energy costs because cooler air from the fan will rise up towards the ceiling while hotter air, being heavier, will settle down and keep you comfortably warm. You will eventually use the heater more efficiently. The position of the fan should be directed away from the people in the room during the winter season.

Using DC Fans

The usage of DC fans is a relatively new concept. Not many people are aware that DC fans can significantly cut down your energy consumption and also run without making much noise, unlike AC fans. The way a DC fan works is what actually helps save energy. DC fans come equipped with a DC motor. A DC motor contains magnets that have opposite polar magnets. This leads to the creation of a magnetic field that produces enough torque to run the fan’s motor. Thus, the process is energy friendly and requires very little power in comparison to AC fans.

Most commercial and industrial settings use DC fans because if they are to run for the entire day and night, using AC fans will incur enormous energy bills while in this case, the energy bills are reasonable. The only problem with using DC fans in households is the fact that they do not provide even and consistent air flow.


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