How To Come Up With A Successful Mobile App Startup

The mobile app universe is a highly populated zone and incorporating new in the same would be tenacious. On a contrary, according to the study of daily mail, mobile phones have indwelled daily lives of people so much that a person approximately checks their cell phones for 85 times per day, consuming 5 hours per day, to access the information they are in need of. This is the sunshiny side that I delineated you, boosting your morale for your app startup.

Being a mobile application development company, it’s coherent you want to put up your strong foot forward and grapple a position for your app in the app store. Well, hold on dear buddy there is a long way ahead and there is no magical pixie dust, sprinkling over your app will transform it from scratch to somewhat spectacular. All those successful app developers have not inherited the talent of app development since birth nor they have learned any arcane craft from years of arduous study. To survive the hurdles, you just need to follow right the footsteps with your creative instinct. Here are some of the steps to do the same.

1) Keep Your App Stupidly Simple

Users of your app can be poles apart, some can be a genius while others can be just like us (better not to describe). Well, as a startup person, you want your app to be high level and impressive but this will cut down your audience. Functionality and usability of the app should be kept as simple as possible that even a stupid person can know how to navigate it. Collect a bunch of friends and relatives who are dumb and stupid and ask them to use your app, if they can navigate it without complexity, you have created a highly user-friendly app.

2) Hope for Best and Also Prepare for the Best

We would have probably heard something different, “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst” The modus operandi of your agenda is similar to a business, if you treat like one, money is on the way. If you treat your mobile application like a hobby, just like the other 90% of startup thinks, you are going to follow their league and soon going to be thrown out without making any money or brand name or even any difference of your existence to the customer. Is this what you want? If you follow the principle of prepare for the worst then you trigger your app building with a frame that no one is going to download your app as this is the worst that can happen. Are you going to start with a failure in mind? Mobile app startup can be accomplished only when the entrepreneur doesn’t leave their app on the mere luck and mull over its success.

3) Choose the Distribution Engine Carefully

If you just rely on the myth that spreading the word will be commensurate to promote your application, then my friend you are the stupidest person ever. You need an extra promotional push which needs smart work and experimentation. Here are some options of distribution engine you should be choosing to turn your project into the success.

  • SEO: Your entire project cannot stand a chance without SEO. Technical knowledge and a considerable amount of investment are needed to acquire good ranking in search engines.
  • Partnership: Big brands who have already played their cards and acquired a desired position in the app market are a good source to amalgamate with and lag back the fear of being thrown out.
  • Fervid: Your app needs to incorporate an implicit augmenting hallmark which other apps don’t have. This becomes the thriving point for your mobile app development to capture user’s attention.

4) Face It and Trash It

Application development process is very intimidating and hence developers always get carried away with the same and disdain to check the status of the application. Well, a majority of the developers don’t want to back off on the grounds of all their efforts, time and investment but what’s the point of working on a dead app? Be careful from the pioneer stage and monitor the progress to not to suffer a bad end.


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