As brands expand their social and online media reach, everything online is becoming a B2B marketing opportunity. This is as true on YouTube as anywhere else as more and more brands start channels, and as more brands look to YouTube for product information.

Your B2B marketing opportunities on YouTube can be just as entertaining, informative, formal, or interesting as you need them to be. Keep reading to see some great examples from B2B brands on YouTube already, and learn some fundamentals.


YouTube basics for B2B marketing

The last time someone measured it, YouTube had over one billion unique visitors per month. That is a huge, huge audience. Out of that audience you can be sure of this: YouTube viewers are connected with a business of some sort: Everyone has a job. It’s safe to assume that they are also interested in YouTube content about their industry.


Being able to capitalize on that huge audience correctly takes a few things:

  • You have to know what keywords your audience is using to find content like yours. Look to your website analytics for help with this. Use the keywords in the title, description, and tags of your videos in a natural way. Learn more about video SEO here.
  • Your profile, header, and thumbnail images all need to be clear and representative of your brand. That first glance is worth everything on YouTube, regardless of if you’re B2C, B2B, or PewDiePie.
  • The content you film has to be high quality. The next video is always one click away, and you have to deliver what it is the viewer wants from you. This is why your keyword use needs to be on point. It’s no good to be found for a popular keyword which you’re not related to.

To help you understand this, let’s look at a B2B marketing account on YouTube which has it all together: Microsoft. Yes, they have some aspects of B2C, but B2B is a consistent focus of their channel.

How Microsoft does B2B marketing on YouTube

Microsoft have one of the more successful B2B YouTube channels. This is thanks to, first and foremost, the quality of their content. They create great videos which inform about products in an easy to follow manner with some entertainment value.



Anyone can see that this was a well put together piece of content, with the right information at the right time as cybersecurity is frequently in the news. This isn’t the type of content which goes viral. This is the type of content which assures B2B business partners about your competence in the industry.

Looking at the content deeper, I dug out the tags they used in the code. Here are the words they used:

  • Microsoft
  • Cloud
  • Cloud technology
  • Cybercrime
  • Digital crime
  • Data
  • Big data

Anyone looking to find this type of information would easily do so thanks to the tags they used being completely relevant to the video content. And what happens when someone looks for this information, finds Microsoft’s video, and watches it? They start to take Microsoft seriously, and they consider them for a B2B transaction.

Before I move on from Microsoft, I’d like to look at their header image:

It’s terrible. A company as well known as Microsoft can get away with it, but yours needs more information in it. I’d advise you to add:


  • Website address: Your viewers are incapable of actually buying something on YouTube, they’ll buy it on your website. Push them there at every chance.
  • Product photos: Let people see what it is you sell.
  • Contact information: Again, you don’t sell on YouTube. The more chances you give people to contact you for a purchase, the better your odds.
  • A video schedule: You should establish a regular schedule for when you’ll upload, and you need to advertise it.

Microsoft has done none of this in their header image. Maybe the scuba diver is part of some campaign they’re running elsewhere, but it’s wasted space as I see it with all the information they could have put there.

How B2B marketing videos are seen

I was talking about YouTube SEO above, and search will always be a way to be found online. Search, however, is slow. You are still going to have to rely on social media to help push your content to viral levels.

The absolute greatest asset in your entire online marketing campaign is always going to be your audience. They will share your videos. They will push people to watch it. They will share it in groups. You need to first find them by using Twitter and YouTube marketing techniques.

The first time you share a video over your social media is the most important. It’s going to determine how well the video does. This is why it has made so much sense to many B2B marketers in the past to use our social promotion service when buying views. Not only do they get the added social proof of more views right away, but the additional sharing of the video helps push it viral.

Using video to improve your website

You’ll see above that I embedded a video. I did that for two reasons:

  • It gives you a good example of what to do, helping you learn and making my content more valuable to you.
  • It helps improve my bounce rates because readers stay on the page and watch the video. This betters my SEO.

You need to use your own videos on your website, blog, and anywhere else they’ll embed. This can help to increase your SEO and performance for your website, as well as for the video itself.

You can also use it to help sales pages convert. There’s nothing like a quick video, 30 seconds or less, on a landing page which shows viewers how the product works and how it will help them.


B2B marketing videos can do a lot for you

You have to stop thinking of YouTube as a place where people only go to watch pointless videos which have nothing to do with serious business. Nearly every one of YouTube’s one billion plus monthly visitors has a job of some sort, and can be a B2B lead. All you have to do is tap into their searches via keywords, and you can steal them away from a silly cat video to watch your explainer, how to, or entertaining B2B videos.


To do it successfully you’ll need to:

  • Create great first impressions with good header, profile, and thumbnail images.
  • Help your videos be seen by including them as integral aspects of your social media accounts.
  • Embed videos to better your SEO for your website, and for your video.

B2B marketing on YouTube is about your entire online marketing campaign. It touches your social media, your website, your SEO, and your fans. Getting it right can be huge for your brand’s B2B marketing.


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