How to Prevent Clothes Fade with Steamer

When washing put some salt in the water bubble look. 25 ~ 35 ℃ washing, and washed separately from other clothing, as well as the most important thing is to have the color of the clothes in the drying time too, in turn, is to wear outside on the inside, do not put sun exposure, on the ventilated place to dry.

Colored clothing will fade, the nature of this and dyes, printing and dyeing technology. Such as general dye most likely in the water (especially in soapy water, hot water, and alkaline-RI) melting. Wet state, the role of dyes are also vulnerable to sun fading. Dyes and fiber lines with solid enough, washing also easily fade.

  1. With direct dyes, dyed gingham or standard system of cloth, generally poor adhesion of the color washing is best in the water and add a dash of salt, first clothes soaked in the solution where 10 – 15 minutes before washing, you can to prevent or reduce the discoloration.
  2. With the system of blue cloth dyed fuel curing, is stronger adhesion of the color, but the relatively weak wear resistance. Therefore, a good idea to soak in the detergent inside 15 minutes, gently scrub, then rinse with water. Do not use washboard rubbing to avoid pale fronted.
  3. Using oxidation system of green cloth dyed fuel is more dyeing firm, shiny, gas, etc. But when the reduction of gas accessible to the pan. So, do not put good wash clothes on the blue cloth next to the baking furnace.
  4. Using a variety Shihlin fuel system of color dyed cloth, dye fastness is excellent though but the color attached to the yarn surface. So, wear this colored cloth to prevent friction, avoid white cotton yarn exposed, causing serious bleaching, bleaching.

How To Clean Clothe with Steamer

White uniforms and a red dress with the washing, after washing white clothes dyed pink, how can we restore it? Laundry tips highlights.

Clean white, white socks stubborn stains on white clothing, it is difficult to eradicate, this time after taking a lemon slice of white clothing boil water to soak into the water, about 15 minutes after washing can be.

Cleaning clothes and sometimes strange odor due to drying garments shall not treat, there will be offensive sour sweat, take white vinegar mixed with water, soak a taste of clothes for about five minutes and then ventilated place to dry clothes can be had!

To deal with clothes pen printing Oh, this is almost everyone will encounter: First, pour the alcohol in the fountain pen scratches on the clothes, every scratch on the Road to be uniform coverage of alcohol, alcohol concentration to choose is not less than 75% of the medical use of alcohol. The clothes poured alcohol on the release of this face, try to avoid contact with clothes and other surfaces, or the mark of a pen or a ballpoint pen color of clothing may be transfected into other parts. With ordinary washing basin in preparation for a big Banpen water, followed by the two caps full of bleach poured into fresh water, pay attention to it must be a full two caps Caixing. Take along to do mixing, then add a little detergent, the amount you can own hands. Slightly even after the mixing, so that detergent can fully dissolve in water. Now, the clothes completely soaked in water, time is 20 minutes. Time is up, washing clothes, not the 1:00 mark!

If it is ball-point pen marks and traces of heavier, using the above method, if the surviving monuments, last, plus soap, toothpaste, gently rub, and then rinsing with clean water. (But strictly forbid the open blisters!!!) Clothing touches the pen marks; there is another solution: that is Bieji Zhao clothes into the water, but the first wash with gasoline touches the part of the wash.

Washing cClothes on the Soy Sauce Stains:

  1. The need to use sugar. First of all, stained with stains where water soaked, and then sprinkle with a spoonful of sugar, rub their hands. We can see that part of the track has been stained a sugar sauce, and then water washing can remove the stains.
  2. The need to use baking soda. The white vest soaked in soy sauce stain stained areas coated with baking soda, 10 minutes after the wash with water, you can get rid of soy sauce stain.
  3. The need to use fresh lotus root, a knife to cut fresh lotus root, lotus root in the fresh juice coated in soy sauce tracks at 10 minutes after washing in water, soy sauce stains can be removed.

Washing clothes, paint: painting clothes rubs up against the how to do?

The method is to cool the oil to stick with paint, wipe the site, because the oil cooler inside the material contained in soluble paint, after the rinse can be. If coated with water-soluble paint (such as water-soluble paint, latex paint), and home interior wall paint, a wash water that is lost in time; if it were paint stains nylon fabric can be coated with lard, rub first, and then use detergent immersion, clean water drift net.


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