Growing technology across the world has made it possible to capture images and videos in the easiest manner. What seemed impossible then seems easily possible now. Capturing images or videos from a height could not be possible until a few years back. The same was restricted to a specific height only. It has now become possible to easily capture images and videos from any height with the use of a drone. Drones have become a part of every photographers kit and are easy to use.  if you are a travel enthusiast and love to capture the nature, using a drone will enhance your images and videos and will give you an opportunity to showcase your talent to the world. Photographers are always looking for opportunities to take the best shot and with the use of a drone, this can be easily possible. Drones are convenient to move above the ground level and can go up to a significant height.


Share your videos with the community

Having captured high quality videos, you must be excited to share the same with the community of fellow photographers. You can easily share your videos on The platform was created to enable the drone community to share their work. It is a blend of user generated content and original programming that has made it one of the premier online video site for the drone age. It has become a platform which allows like minded individuals to connect with one another and share their work. The video sharing platform features a number of videos uploaded by the drone community. If you are a travel or photography enthusiast, you will be able to showcase your work to a wide community. The website unites drone enthusiasts and is created by a drone enthusiast who aims to make it easier for individuals to share their work.

View videos and learn from the best

There are a wide range of categories you can choose from. You will be able to view more than hundreds of videos in each category. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, you will be able to gain insights into the use of drones and recording videos for your use. if you do not own a drone and are simply willing to learn about it, you can gain a lot of information through the website. If you have recently purchased a drone and want to make the most of it, the website is perfect for you. It provides an opportunity to share your videos with a large number of drone enthusiasts and like minded individuals. You can create your profile on the website and start uploading your videos. You will be able to learn various ways of shooting and enhancing the quality of your video by simply viewing the videos uploaded by others. Join the community of drone enthusiasts and gain an opportunity to make the most of your device.


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