You are seeking for a Pressure Washer Pump that will not fire a hole in your pocket, and when the Annovi Reverberi 4000 PSI pressurewasherify Pump is only the Washer Pump for you.

There was some particular idea why will you like it. I highly suggest the RSV 4G40HDF40 EZ Pressure Washer Pump because when I connect the power, quality of its ingredients and price – it is an exceptional condition for any homeowner. Below I have some bullet points why this item will be the one according to your need.

  • Pressure washer pump should be lightweight, efficient, and compact which RSV 4G40HDF40 EZ has.
  • It will assist you to save and energy.
  • It is capable of doing so incredibly messy.
  • High-quality plastics are used.
  • Annovi Reverberi 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Pump comes with like a High-capacity pressure washer with first features.
  • The installing system is better than the others.
  • Modern technology means it.
  • It is capable of delivering a power of 4000 PSI.

I have mentioned all according to my encounters what I have got from this super item.

So you already know a bit why you choose this funds. RKV is heavy work industrial grade pump, more of a homeowners pump. This is one of the suitable products for pressure machines in the area of 8hp to 15hp. The item comes with Triplex pump with Easy Start is stable starting.

Among a supreme output of 4000 PSI and a super flow rate of 15.1 L/min, the product is designed for the heavy-duty purpose and the most difficult pumping purposes. And The EZ start Valve which is included with this item and equipped with makes beginning cold petrol engines a more immediate task, and also supplies extension free energy. The thing runs at 3400 RPM.

  1. Mentionable Product Feature at a Glance
  2. Comes from favorite brand Annovi Reverberi.
  3. Max. Discharge Pressure: 4,000 PSI.
  4. Direct Drive with four bolts Gas Flange.
  5. Built-In easy start valve.
  6. 8 – 13.0 HP horizontal engines.
  7. Attaches with the unloaded & chemical injector.
  8. Max. Volume: 4.0 GPM.

This super item details with a durable and powerful engine and uses on petrol pressure washers owned by expert and commercial cleaners. The Annovi Reverberi 4000 PSI 1″ includes with shaft engines which are compact durable and comes with high accuracy. One of an extra useful feature is a compact and efficient integrated unloaded valve and fixed chemical injector.


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