Developing the noteworthy app is a tedious task, but eventually, we have refined tools and techniques for making the overall app development simplified. So, on the basis of stated note, if you are thinking that engineering the app is easy, you are certainly misguided, as there is something more toil than just producing the products as required by your clientele.

Well, the app must be free from bugs, precisely, no errors. In this overcrowded and densely marketplace where the Google Play Store is already loaded with 2.5 million apps and the Apple App Store is populated with around 2 million apps, do you think, that if your app comes with even with minor of the defect will be able to sustain in this hyper-competitive world?

Well, no, your app will be abandoned at that very instant. Out of these rampant of mobile apps, only a few of them are able to conserve a place on the user Smartphone and if you are looking for the same, find out some of the mistakes and ensure that they do not form a part of your mobile app development.

Adding asynchronous features

What usually developers do? They simply load the app with lots of features as they think that in this way their developed app will rank the charts. Well, probably it is one of the worst techniques while developing an app. Users just hate to use the app, crowded with ample of features, the reason being it confuses them and at the same time, it hampers the app operability.

Entrepreneurs desire to solve the maximum number of problems at the same time, but this is something really unproductive. Instead, the business must try to focus on the limited set of activities and should adhere to the clean app development ecosystem. In short, add fewer features, but make them clear and justified with all the user’s operation, precisely,  just do it in the right way.

So what you should not do is:

  • Add lots of features
  • Try to solve multiple problems
  • Modify the core value and idea of the app
  • Make compromise on the grounds of user experience


Overlooking the user’s demands

Entrepreneurs must think that they are engineering the app for their users, not for themselves. So, it is imperative to communicate with the users for accumulating their requirements, or else you might end up with some really unfamiliar and undesirable product. The users will simply not love your app if it doesn’t accomplish their task in a clean way.

Land on the mobile app development landscape, once you have identified the preferences, requirements and solutions users seek to avail in your products. So, before proceeding grapple a brief idea about the following:

  • The user’s requirements and the services they seek to avail
  • The services in demand
  • The roadmap for deploying the solutions
  • In-depth research about the competitors


Sticking to app marketing

You have your product ready but no one is aware of it. In such a scenario, businesses just cannot look forward to building a large user base. It is really very crucial to apply marketing tactics for showcasing your products and services. The step is often missed upon by ample of entrepreneurs and the iPhone and Android app developers too, thus focus on building a curiosity amongst the users for your app, so that as it conserves large user base, the moment it is launched on the app stores. Therefore, try to:

  • Make the users aware of your app
  • Run the promotional videos and banners on the social networking sites
  • Focus on customer loyalty programs
  • Adhere to ASO techniques


Not taking testing seriously

The mobile app development companies indulge a huge team of testers for getting their app tested, well, it is good,  but at the same time it is really important to pay attention to the beta testing as well. In most of the cases, developers overlook the beta testing that somehow eventually forms a major part of their app development.

It is always recommended to get your app analyzed by the real users and then processed further for improvising it as per the user requirements. Beta testing act as a great tool for creating a buzz about the app and builds eagerness among the users for using the app. So, the entrepreneurs must:

  • Not miss upon the beta testing
  • Allow the users to review their products
  • Value the feedbacks
  • Plan a strategy for improvising the app


Missing on app updates

The app developers must deploy the updates at the regular time intervals so as to keep them glued to the app. The app updates assures the users, that they are in tuned with the latest tools and technologies and are being served with the best solutions,

This keeps them in a bay form using some other solution for accomplishing their activities.  Based on the social media reviews and the evolving technologies, the developers can insist on adding interactive features in the app so as to stay active in the tough competition existing out there.

So, the developers must focus on :

  • Giving regular updates to the app
  • Adding the features that allure the users
  • Focus on delivering an optimized user performance.


So, these were some of the blunders that more or less are bound to happen, Thus in such a scenario, it is best, to begin with, the systematic planning so as to make the app hit, in the very first trial.

Just serve the users in the right way, keep on adding new features, make them realize the importance of their thoughts and feedback for your business, apply astute marketing techniques, and there you will witness a  huge user base conserved for your app.


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